Hello, I'm recently trying to make a weapon projectile that creates an EMP electrical sphere when explode, but WITHOUT actual EMP effect. However, I found the results were quite frustrating: the original
VictimRequiredKindOf = [KindOf]
VictimForbiddenKindOf = [KindOf]
setting does not work at all, and
setting, while effective against vehicle, cannot prevent EMP sphere from affecting buildings.

So here's my question: We know that visually, EMPUpdate do two things: (1) It scales the object model and eventually fade it out; (2) It applies a certain color onto the the object, and gradually changes the color applied while scaling the object. Since we cannot actually create an object using EMPUpdate module without having actual effect, can we use W3D modelling to create the same visual effect? If this is possible, how to do this?

Thank you!