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Full Version: Shenlong is just weak
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Hello All

I have been playing Rise of the Reds for a week now, and i honestly believe this is one of the best command and conquer zero hour mods if not the best. The addition of ECA and Russia adds so much variety into the game, which was what the original game lacks. part of me hopes that ROTR could become an official DLC.

when i was playing the original zero hour, China was my favorite faction, because who doesn't love the overlord tank? and i was very excited to find out that in ROTR there is a new super tank, called the Shenlong. i was excited to try it out during matches, but the tank turns out to be relatively disappointing. there is not a thing that the Shenlong can do which the overlord can't. and the overlord tanks is more versatile compare to the shenlong. For example:
1. the shenlong has very short range compare to the overlord tank, which means the tank has to take a few hits before getting into firing range.
2. no AA ability. despite the fact that shenlong can add one more flame thrower, an EMP missile launcher, or a nuke mortar, the fact that it can't shoot aircraft, means that player would have to add gatling tanks into the mix, which increase operational cost.
3. cannot heal nearby allies. one of the biggest strength of the overlord is the ability to equip speaker tower, which heals everything within a certain range. so in order to make shenlong lasts longer, player would have to add overlords into the mix, or a propaganda airship, which adds costs when using the shenlong.

atm, i think it would be better to make shenlong into a prototype unit, like the BlackBear tank for Russia, which is a up-sized sentinel. thus, shenlong could become an up-sized overlord with some passive ability. or better yet, cancel the shenlong, and make a version of the propaganda airship that can drop bombs like Kirov, but can no longer heal. that would also be interesting.

thanks for reading.
I don't think that Shenlong was intended to be one tank army. It's pretty terrifying when used properly.

Also, ROTR was originally intended to have subfactions, meaning one of them would have Shenlong, while other would have Overlord at their disposal.
Propaganda airship was intended for the third general that would not use either of those. Helix would return to drop bombs like Kirov later on.

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