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Full Version: Kindda Intro movie
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Well, I'm looking for a good programm with wich I can make a kind of intro movie like universal or something. I tried Adobe after effects but it says my CPU is not suitable for the program. Does anyone know a type of programm?
I want to make a intro movie with images, and a line coming over it. Something lik marvel!

What's wrong with windows movie maker?
Adobe Premiere Elements. And Aftereffects needs a beast of a PC so it might mean you need an upgrade.
Windows Movie Maker is only a basic movie editor, he's talking about more complex animations.
Premium Elements as JRK said or Vegas (although I still haven't fully mastered it) should work well.
Thanks alot, ill try them and if they dont work I'll return to the topic wink.gif
Off topic but why is the Loony Bin getting so many serious threads? This belongs in the databank. Other threads would have fitted better in the General Chat. I know the Loony Bin doesn't have to be a place where intelligence dies but these aren't exactly loony are they?
Ï'm going to try 'Vegas' because Premiere Elements ALSO ask for a CPU update although my CPU is running fine.
Does any one has more options?

@JRK, you are right, but I couldn't find a fitted place for this so...
Perhaps it is a good idea to make some sort of topic like this subjects.
I move this to databank
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