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Full Version: Screw'd keyboard
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S hee's hat happened, it all stated hen m laptp's semicln/cln ke stats t malfnctin hee it n lnge ks hen it n lnge ks hen I pess it and it gets ccasinall gets pessed dn itht tching it, hich is ALL ANNING, N h happened tda is that the sitatin became me se haen the mst f the kes AE N LNGE KING!! T make mattes se, as a eslt f the es, m mse pinte is stating t blink eaticall, and the pefmance f t cmp sddenl slows dn and becmes lagg, can't se is ppel!!!

Actually, it said (that was typed with the screwed keyboard),

So here's what happened, it all started when my laptop's semicolon/colon key starts to malfunction whee no longer works when I press it and it occasionally gets pressed down without touching it,WHICH IS REALlY ANNOYING!! To make matters worse,as a result of the errors, my mouse pointer is starting to blink erratically, and the perfomance suddenly slows down and becomes laggy, can't use it properly!!!! sad.gif

In a nutshell and to clear that, what happened is that many of the keys have stopped working and with that, lag occurs that I have to press Alt to clear it and temporarily restore the keys.

I don't know what really happened, but anyone can help what's wrong with the keys, is it from a dusty keys, (I've tried cleanng the keys before when the semicolon issues occured, but nothing happened), or a virus/worm, or a failing driver?

I need a good reply ASAP!!! ohmy.gif
hat in the hell
Here's what I've found, and to further cleat it up:

1. Many of the keys in the first (the tilde and the F-keys) and second rows (the QWERTY, backspace and enter keys) start to malfunction...

2. Sometimes, I see a sudden surge of CPU usage, the perfomance becomes really laggy and the cursor starts to blink, I have to press shift, alt or ctrl to clear.

3. At startup, the setup screen takes much longer to appear than expected.

4. When the Welcome screen appears I hear 1-3 beeps.

I think I gotta need an external keyboard...sad.gif
button aren't orking?
Does anyone agree with me this sounds like a heavy hardware failure of the whole Pc? I would say that overheating might be a factor. Carefully open your pc and check if it's dusted, ask your parents to help you with that. Also get an external drive and start saving data, just to be prepared. A friend of mine had similar syntomps and a week or so later his machine's spirit was on the way up, leaving only a trainwreck behind. And believe me, loosing data is one of the worst things that can happen.
Son it is time for you to grab a shotgun and put that machine out of its misery.

Also a word of advice:

Be a man and buy a desktop. Laptops aren't for serious gamers.
QUOTE (Overdose @ 23 Jun 2010, 16:58) *
Laptops aren't for serious gamers.

Quote for great truth.
QUOTE (Overdose @ 24 Jun 2010, 4:58) *
Also a word of advice:

Be a man and buy a desktop. Laptops aren't for serious gamers.

↑↑This. And not just for gaming, but also for my other stuff like graphic design (Photoshop, etc.), app/program development tools that I use in my schoolworks.

Seriously however, I've wished a decent machine each time Christmas/my birthday/other celebrations come, but unfortunately the cakes were extremely likely lies (first things first, you know). I think I have to continue using that increaingly crappy thing as an interim thingy until the time comes.
Well, as busy university student I think my multimedia laptop is better than hi-end desktop PC which would be unused most of time. Mobility is important factor for me and when I have month full of exams (I had to do every exam term in few subjects), the in-game resolution is your last concern. 2D graphics isn't CPU/GPU killer, 3D graphics can be, but I wasn't doing 3D much recently and no more than 3 hours shouldn't kill the laptop. Well, it will be 2 years in August since I bought it.

If you are doing 3D, video and playing games much, go for desktop, if you need mobility or you are surfing on the internet, go for laptop.

But back to the topic: I clean my keyboard with vacuum cleaner (light air flow), once I had to remove it and dry from a spilled water. So far it's working flawlessly, but your problem looks like it's some malware, something similar or something else.
Or you can get both unless you are poor.

Anyways now that there are stuff like Iphones, laptops are mostly useless.
Obviously you don't travel on the train for 3 hours a day.
iPhone, that expensive crap? bleh... rather that Nokia netbook and normal mobile...
iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac or Macbook are expensive as HP equivalents, but usually worse in the matter of power (I saw some picture comparing iPad and tablet PC from HP decade ago, similar price, but one from HP was better in every way).

If I hadn't have to stay 60kms from my home during week I would buy desktop and netbook, but only under condition that desktop PSU input wasn't above 400W.
Average modern desktop have CPUs heating like nuclear reactor, kilowatt PSU and graphic card capable of replacing the central heating body...

If all goes well then my commencing salary can be even double than of my father's current wage, but still I can't imagine feading some 3kW monster which would be average desktop PC of that year.

Also 800€ which were spent on my laptop (1000€) came from hard work of my own hands. I couldn't depend on money from parents due to more important things to pay.

I am not exactly poor, but still I belong to the lower class as 75% of other citizens of my country like most of teachers, scientists, journalists, policemen, firefighters, soldiers, drivers, unqualified labour, etc. Those with ranks/degrees like major, colonel or doctor, those who know at least 90% of latest C++,C#, Java and PHP standards and similar people belong to middle class, class paid above average (900€).
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