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Full Version: JJ (Stealth) vs Alias (USA) vs Abraxix (Tank) vs NoNama (Armour)
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Here's an 4 way free-for-all on Eastern Everglades.

In this game, NoNama used a rarely touched units and unleashed some nice rushes, but remained quite passive otherwise. Abraxix was the overwhelming Tank General, and his tank pushes are really devastating and hard to deal with. Alias on the other hand refrains from the usual USA Humvee spam and goes for more unorthodox tactics. Lastly, JJ has to defend against a deadly double attack from two players.

The game was played on Shockwave 0.951, no start units.
This was a damn fun game, never knew who was going to win for most of the way.

vUSA infantry spam is good fun.
Sucha fun game haha i suck with tank gen xD
GG fellows
QUOTE (Abraxix @ 1 Oct 2010, 18:29) *
Sucha fun game haha i suck with tank gen xD
GG fellows

Yeah, you were like "I'll send a single listening outpost with twenty Emperor so that JJ's hijackers may have my tanks for free. :3"
Anyhow, how did you lose? I was following the backdoor army that was about to knock on your base, when suddenly it seems like you disconnected or something.
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