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Full Version: V/Usa vs. Hard Army V/China
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Сергеј Иванович
Hi guys i need help for this map.
First of,it's a 4 players map,with highway in the middle,has 2 AP's(artillery platform) for each player in corners exits and between starting points is a supply depot with repair pad and reinforcement pad. in the center of the map is highway that goes e-w and on his farsides are 2 oil derricks with buildings. I play it with 50k cash,cause i want rapid expansion and to get asap with fortification of buildings. I'm playing with startable units to ensure security of resources.
I build 4 bulldozers+1 that is given,and each bulldozer builds in order.One builds reactor,one builds barracks,then first build Gathering,third builds defence and i send two of them to quickly establish expansion point w/ defences.
I spam rangers w/missile defenders to capture oil derricks and rest of them garrison buildings,as ones from start captures repair pad and refinery.while this happens i spam Little Bird's from one airfield,while other research upgrades like Missile pod and counter measures .then i use 3 of them for scouting to kill inf and to slow down attack that comes from other corner of map.first attack is infantry and next is with battlemasters and gat tanks and attacks my expansion point w/Crusaders and inf build in barrack near EP.Meanwhile,I have built 4 or 5 Drop zones and i have one super weapon.Then he attacks me with napalm strike targeting my supply drop zones,3 tiger gunships destroying my garrisoned troops and w/ combined 2-3 inferno/1-2 Nuke art. AI the gains fast exp and then Arty strike decimates my newly built Drop zones and trying to crush with overlords my expansion point. My raptors are doing their best to hold off migs and tigers but very poorly cause when i build mass of avengers and paladins it fries everything,and patriots are useless cause it needs to turn to shoot down the target. Аnd И somehow managed to cripple his forces after PartiCann destroys some units near reactor and barracks to cripple defences,then counter him with crusaders misile d,rangers and marines and wih little bird and the he strikes back with dozens of inferno and nuke cann's and with migs and the pushes me back and so on.

I've played like this for 3 hours,until I've cracked and exited game.
I've tried with USA Laser and GLA Salvage Generals on this map,and I've kick his arse in under one hour.Is it my strategy wrong or what?

here's a tip for dealing with the arty, use superweapons to destroy the prop center, then build auroras to destroy CC
Сергеј Иванович
Okay but what should i do with the arty's in the field,outside base?I always use little birds to detect them and attack them.
Hunt the tech buildings/supply centres/command centres (softest targets first)
To prevent the enemy from building artillery units.
Then it just comes down to hunting their existing units.
Get the spy drone gen. point and use that for finding the arty before it gets to you base. Use comanches to take them out.
Lord Atlantis
EDIT: Nevermind that, I'll give it a go and see how I fare.
Here is a replay of your setup;

I know its not exciting to play a game like that, but any game vs the AI is boring imo.

if you are definite on wanting to draw the game out, just tech up fast, You don't even need much SDZs because of all the oils. Spam paladins/crusaders coupled with tomahawks/avengers and meat the Chinese army head on. You can also run around with a couple of MDVees early to mid-game to thwart the AI. Exos are also very good, having self repair and really long range (mdexo/Marine Exo/Burton Exo) You have lots of money, make 2-3 or even 4 War factories to make units constantly, you wil not win if you only make units from 1.
Сергеј Иванович
Thank man,I'm very grateful.When I've played with GLA Salvage Gen., I've built 3 war factories w/quads,marauders,katyusha everything along with the choppers with rocket pod upgrade and to pepper him 2 Soyuz missile silos. And now with this tactics i can really fight and win now...

Сергеј Иванович
Here's my play with ur tactics.Normally,I start similar build order but i don't use tanks for attacks,which is my mistake,cause he builds his expansion fast,then i get two front war.One in base and one in expansion point.So here it is. My vid with no casualties on my sides...

Replays saved from Skirmish don't work at all, I assume you won, but the replay is bugged as always. The only way you can have a safe replay palying vs the AI is playing it in Network.

As you can see, its very easy to beat the AI, start units ruin the game somewhat. Try doing the same without start units and with only $10,000 start money. That way you will start to learn to manage your units. and your money, along basic build orders that work in your favor. Pull back damaged ones units, attack with the rest, flank the enemy etc.. That way you will get a lot more fun out of the game instead of just rallying Hordes of armies and attack move or building shitloads of defenses and watching the dumb AI walk right into it.

Get on hamachi if you can, we'll make a ShW player out of you wink.gif

When I get back from work, I'll play some more interesting games vs the AI and post the replays, see if you can try and win the same way.
auroras can take out artillery pretty quick and get out alive
Сергеј Иванович
QUOTE (-Xv- @ 12 Jun 2009, 1:31) *
Get on hamachi if you can, we'll make a ShW player out of you ;)

I will come on hamachi by the end of this month.Right now i have exams to clear out this semester,by then I'm a free man... aw.gif
Some of us are using Leaf program instead of hamachi due to its more stableness and less laggy then hamachi try to check us on both if you can they both have confilcting connections so you may have to disable one to log onto the other wink.gif
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