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Full Version: New mushroom-infused suit decomposes dead tissue
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Am I the only one getting some strange, dystopic vibe out of this? Wrapping dead people into a fungus-suit to break them down into mushroom-fertiliser just for the sake of being environmentally friendly?
Seems like we are within 50 years or so from soylent green.
If it's how they want to be buried I don't exactly see why it's a problem.

I've seen stranger last wishes before.
I already made the decision to get burned when i am dead years ago.
This article does make my decision more solid than before.
I'd probably have myself cremated as well, preferably followed by spreading the ashes into the air above the Ruhr river from this monument.
So fancy.

Any beach here in the area will do it for me.
I'm gonna have my remains buried.

In a Junkyard with a tomestone saying.

Good lucking finding me ya gravediggers!
Then I reincarnate as the mushroom man

I'm split between launching my corpse to the center of the milky way / the sun and finding a good place for my memorial.
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