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Full Version: Deep Impact FAQ
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Welcome to the Deep Impact FAQ

This is where I store frequently asked questions about Deep Impact, and anything else related to it.

Kindly read through the thread before posting any questions in the forum.


Q1: Is there a download link for the mod?

A1: Right now only the UAN Beta is available for download, you can download it from the download section in our ModDB page.

Q2: How do you install the UAN beta?

A2: Install instructions are provided in the .rar folder itself.

Q3: What is deep impact?

A3: So not too long ago, Anubis and I thought of combining GenX, EC, and FF. Why? Well quite simply it's easier to work on one big project than to work on several big projects at once. We "can" simply finish one project then move on to another, however we don't have enough patience or interest for that anymore, in fact our next "big release" might be our last.

So instead of working on one mod and probably not finishing the rest, we've decided to fuse most of our projects into one and make one giant, probably final, release.

Q4: What about GenX?

A4: Well tbh I've reached the point where I don't know what to do with GenX anymore. Like CCU and ShockWave the goal of GenX was simply to make a better ZH, and after 6 years it's hard to keep one's interest in a really generic goal like that one.

Q5: Can I continue GenX?

A5: No.

Q6: Can't you just release everything you've done so far? <sneaky>So that we can continue GenX?</sneaky>

A6: No.

Q7: Why not?

A7: To put it bluntly, I don't trust this new generation of "modders" to do a good job. If you want to take over my mod so bad you have to prove to me first that you can do equal or better quality work than us. Otherwise, you can forget about getting anything from me.

Q8: Can I use some of your models/textures for my mod?

A8: If you want something from my mods just send me a PM with the names of the units that you want to ask for. If there are no problems I'll send them to you on the condition that you HAVE to give proper credits. If I suddenly see one of my models/textures in your mod with no credits or permission I will report you.

Q9: Can I give your model to my friend for him to use?

A8: No. He has to get permission from me first.

Q10: What is this GenX, EC and FF that you speak off?

A10: For those who are new, They are our old mods: Generation X, European Conflict, and Forgotten Fury.


That's all for now, if you have any more questions that aren't here, feel free to post them below.
Thread purged and updated.
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