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Full Version: Gaming Issue with Graphic card
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Ive bein having problems with my New graphic card recently (Bought 5 months ago) when it would run a game and i would play it for a while the graphic card would start to go crazy as in Skins for units would disappear the screen would turn pitch black And i couldn't see the map only the Control bar, Units disappearing when damaged and other stuff , I dont know whether its the direct X or the card or something else , but ive tryed Installed earlier version of Direct X , and later versions of Direct X , updating drivers in my card and , Seeing if any other things could cause this but nothing has helped Could anyone figure out what the problems is i dont want a 100$ graphic card going to waste

EDIT: ATI radeon 4350 HD is my card
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Did you pay $100 for an ATi 4350....

In that case you seriously got duped. The 4350 is meant to be sold for half the price.

Also, what kind of cooling do you have on your graphics card. The 4350 is a budget card not entirely meant for gaming and in many occasions it has passive cooling. If your computer does not have a good airflow or you did never clean the card off all the dust, then you may get these problems due to overheating.
Bad buy was bad.

If you want to buy anything computer-based, you should definietly do some research before you make the purchase.

Also, you should try to buy from sites like Newegg, they have excellent service and a good amount of product.

As for your prob, like Shock said, your card is a budget card (for a non-budget price). Besides trying to get newer drivers and moving your rig into an open space, I don't think there's much you can do. (and it seems like it's waaay too late to return that thing).

I guess it still might be covered under the warrenty, but it probably far easier to just get another card, and put that card into storage somewhere and save it as a 'just-in-case' card, or a temporary card for building new rigs.

But seriously, when you're messing with computer Hardware, every now and then, you get a turd; whether it's bad hardware, or just something that didn't really fit your needs, there's really nothing to do besides preparing yourself so that it doesn't happen again. (or you could return it)

If you really can't stand your current card, re-buying a new one isn't that bad: Linky

Cheapest one is only $33, you can get a 512MB one for only $35. Plus shipping, it should be under $50.

Although truth be told, I'm more of an Nvidia man; I stay the hell away from Ati. It's probably nothing particularly logical or their fault, but I had a very bad experience with an old Ati card. Heh, it actually makes things easier, it's already annoying enough trying to compare all the random clock speeds or whatever.

Edit: I would direct you towards this, if you're trying to make a new buy. It's fairly comparable, and has a fan, should heating be your problem (by the looks of it, most HD 4350s don't have fans, and just rely on a heatsink). It's also got great reviews, and is made by MSi, which isn't the best brand out there, but it's a good brand and generally make reliable stuff.

Edit 2: what are your specs anyhow? you barely gave any specs besides the name. 'Who made it?' for example is a fairly important thing to know if you want to find what problem it is. If it came out in a bad batch of cards, other people will have your problems as well, and it'll be easier to figure out the solution when the problem is know.
Prophet of the Pimps
next time you wanna buy something then go here and get it

you got ripped off.
=( worked fine for last 5 months Just not now im sure the computer needs cleaning or its a software problem it only happens when i play shockwave i can playvZH all day the card is mostly not the problem (After lots of research ive come to that)

EDIT: its simply direct X deciding to fail on me mid game which i can not fix only by restarting and my card is alot more stable then before =) havent had any Freak outs all day
Prophet of the Pimps
i would still try to get get some refund because you got ripped off on the price.
lol wtf u paid 100 bux for that fail thing? NEVER EVER buy in a retail store.. they're retarded in there. I'm still seeing a 3850 being sold for $250+ at futureshop...

as for you problem.. it could still be overheating as shockwave takes lot more then vzh. check temperatures next time it happens through CCC. (ati icon on bottom right, make sure its in advanced mode, then go under auto-tune tab)

Temp is always 64 to 67 degrees even after it crashes its not the card m8
Even your mouse fails you(i observe these in games especailly in the way he plays).....really annoying to play a game with a broken graphic card
QUOTE (Zhao @ 14 Jul 2009, 2:45) *
Temp is always 64 to 67 degrees even after it crashes its not the card m8

I'm sorry but like everyone else I have to point out again though, that the card is fail.

Anyway, if it is not the video card, did you have these problems after a certain driver update? If you did, then try installing an older driver version.

It's really easy to blame Direct X but that is actually rare to cause any problems..
Well those temps indeed seem fine. I was going to ask the same as Shock.

btw, I never had DX cause me any problems.
i flash reformmated my PC havent had any problems so far must have bein a driver / direct X issue most likey drivers
I'm also not sure whether this is a GFX card problem. Because i also had the missing texutre and go crazy issue when playing SHW sometime back. However it didn't happen again. For me, it didn't happen all the time. One thing to note was, soon after those problem started i removed all connection and cleaned the PC and applied thermal paste to the CPU and i didn't enounter the problem again.
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