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Full Version: Tidal Wars Update #6
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February 202x
South China Sea / Southern Philippines

After finding clues about a GLA splinter cell hiding in the Philippines, and evident lack of resolve from the local garrisons of the United States, the People's Republic of China decided to take the matter into their own hands. In just a few months the plans were formulated and all forces and resources collected in Hainan, and under the command of General Leang the fleet set sail towards Southeast Asia.

The approach of the fleet was soon spotted by the US garrison and requested to explain their task force's close proximity to Philippinean waters. The other side informed that they got intel about the presence of the GLA in Palawan, and were send to deal with it.

While both parties informed their superiors, the commanding officers of the Chinese task force and commander of US garrison and Philippines general formed a pact to deal with this presumed GLA threat. The PLA will take a look over the western islands starting from Sabah while USA military will search from the northern mainland. When the USA vehicles and men started spreading over the country it wasn't as suspicious, but when the first Chinese forces landed in the El Nido Bay and Treacherous Bay of Palawan with their large hovercrafts, and when their tanks drove by the roads and cities, it caused a panic among the civilization, which was in great fear of an upcoming invasion from the Asian superpower.

The government quickly calmed down the public, stating that Chinese forces are here legitimately and searching for the presence of the GLA. While in the background, Philippine's cabinet was upset about China for their unannounced arrival and demanded their swift retreat, leaving the search up to the USA. General Leang have disclaimed that, saying that because of USA's incompetence the GLA would grow uncontrollable, and it is up to the PLA to do the job. As the Palawan island province with all its assigned islands was secured by the Chinese forces, an infantry contingent was sent from the recently established military base to reinforce the landing parties, and day after the first landing the Sulu, Tiwa-Tiwa and Basilan islands were taken over as well.

The searching in the whole Philippines ensued, looking for any GLA camps or even just small safe houses. As the Chinese effort coming from nearby Sabah grew, sending more and more men, the United States reacted and deployed a task force with naval support to help their garrison in the search.

The game of hunt begins; without both China and USA knowing it is a scenario set by an unknown hand.

Seafox Submersible

As China have decided to secure the South China Sea region and to get rid of rumored GLA in the Philippines area, which is unpleasantly close to the mainland, the Navy requested to create a smaller submarine which could easily move in the shallow waters of Philippines archipelagos where their massive Nuclear Submarines had problem navigating through without revealing their positions. Thus, the Seafox was created.

Manned by just a crew of 10 men, the Seafox is a small combat submarine armed with two torpedo launchers that can deliver serious pounding to the terrorists' or even American vessels (in simulations), sensor and sonar array that can reveal the famed "stealth units", and its small size and simple design enables its large production rate, dubbing it by the Chinese sailors as "Sea Battlemaster".

At first this submarine were receiving not-so-good receptions from the Command's older members, who claimed it looked like its developers took it straightly from the virtual world of video games. However, General Leang, as commander-in-chief of the invasion, sees that this Philippines conflict is a perfect baptism of fire for this mini-sub.

Amphibious Transport

The cooperation of China and Russia was improving in the last decades, with many joint military projects taking place between these two world powers. One such project was a colossal landing craft to transport large numbers of units, including even the large Overlord Tanks. Based on the Zubr LCAC, the Chinese Amphibious Transport entered service shortly before the Philippines Conflict and is instrumental for the rapid deployment of the Chinese heavy tanks onto the battlefield.

Amphibious Transport is among the largest naval vessels the Chinese navy in service, and the largest hovercraft ever build in the world. Its cargo capacity is enormous, ferrying up to a platoon of infantry, several Battlemaster tanks, or even some Overlord Tanks. This, unfortunately, makes the hovercraft along with its weight extremely slow, and thus susceptible to all forms of attacks, and only its armoring and additional escort can guarantee that the Chinese forces will safely disembark.


Today we bring you some more of the Chinese naval assets that will be included in the first release (don't ask when will it be released, the answer is still the same), and it also concludes the Chinese naval assets. With the next update we will start with the GLA, and continue on with the Philippines situation.

Stay tuned and until the next time!
Svea Rike
Fancy submarine!
Somehow, I remember the Akulas from RA3 when I see that sub...

But anyways, nice updates!
So the Seafox is like the Red Alert 1 Typhoon, except that it needs support like the Battlemaster does.
QUOTE (Karpet @ 22 Mar 2014, 19:58) *
So the Seafox is like the Red Alert 1 Typhoon, except that it needs support like the Battlemaster does.

actually Seafox role is more for scout/detector rather than assault, sorta like RA3 Yari Sub. because gameplay wise, china actually have the Nuke Sub for the actual submarine assault. they were called "Sea Battlemaster" because of their mass-producibility and works wonder in masses.
anyway Seafox will be later exclusive for Leang as the other chinese generals will have main surface ship instead. so this time, this sub fills the niche as primary naval unit, and more fitting lore-wise.
I'm ambivalent about that name though. It feels off...
the submarine is a bit on the fancy side for my liking (i like my zh units kinda basic)
but the zubr landing craft is very nice.
QUOTE (IPS @ 26 Mar 2014, 8:45) *
the submarine is a bit on the fancy side for my liking (i like my zh units kinda basic)
but the zubr landing craft is very nice.

I told that N5 too dry.gif But he wanted it more fancier, as the previous model reminded him too much of a... well, something what women can like smile.gif
the Seafox intended to be an oddball unit anyway.
as these units currently in showcase are for the first beta release, the other ships will be pretty much "normal looking".
You have done an awesome job with the PLAN Amphibious Transport. It really looks vChina [couldn't help it after watching the ShW stream and reading the women's toy comment :-P ]. Keep up the great work!
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