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Full Version: How do i beat the last Chinese mission?
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Okay, so I have no idea how to beat the last Chinese mission. It's SCUD after SCUD, buggy after buggy, terrorists, RPG troopers, you name it. I have 3 overlords (each different, 1 prop., 1 Gatling cannon, 1 bunker with 3 tank hunters and 2 red guards), 2 inferno cannons, and 4 MiGs guarding the entrance to my base.
However, my base... Is very under built. This stems from a lack of money. I try hackers, but once they got hit by that SCUD storm (but I do have GLA workers able to build a palace and then a black market). Speaking of that SCUD storm, how the hell do you take it out without pushing right into the GLA base? It just seems like I have an eternal stalemate.
I am open to the idea of restarting, kinda.
Oh dear.

I remember this mission from years ago (I've always had a on again off again relationship with Generals) when it was the only mission in the original Generals that I couldn't beat. About a month ago, I downloaded this mod and decided to give this mission a try again, as I was curious about what the map had looked like (I think back then I was bored because that mission provides no hints on what kind of route to take) and I did it quite easily to my surprise.

Here's how I did it:

I left the GLA structures intact and simply neutralized their armed forces. This wasn't all that helpful, but at the very least you get more money should you choose to sell those. (You'll need Capture Building for that Oil Derrick in the town anyway) After that, the key is to be efficient. Get Hackers as early as possible and build in a very wide area. There's only one direction to cover (just stay away from the burning barricades, the AI will send Buggies there if you have anything within their range) so you should get a couple of bunkers there, but don't rush to fill it with 5 Tank Hunters right away, buy them as they're needed.

SCUDs and the SCUD Storm have been the two biggest problems for me, and it took me quite a few reloads until I finally used my first few Nuke Cannons properly to get out of that jam and buy myself enough time to nuke the SCUD Storm followed by an Artillery Barrage. (I've found that the SCUD Storm doesn't fire right away, but it does eventually, so don't drag your feet too much) Once the SCUD is dead, simply get more Hackers and Nuclear Missiles; it's smooth sailing from then on.

A few things to note are that you need to watch your Nuke Cannons closely. You can't afford to lose too many of them because even if you have money, the build time means the Buggies and the SCUDs will inflict a lot of pain. I didn't bother with MiGs until much later (when I had money left over even after having like 8 dozers constantly building Nuclear Missiles and Nuclear Reactors, as they aren't that helpful because they need to reload.)

Speaker Towers near your Nuke Cannons help, and another golden rule is that you must micro your Overlord team very effectively. You can't let them stay out of battle for too long and you can't send them to take the enemy head on either, as they're your only backup in case artillery gets very overwhelming (and believe me, at some points, it does). When you have money, and after about your second Nuclear Missile, consider placing some Gatling Cannons at key points to shoot those pesky SCUDs down, while Nuke Cannons will kill the rest of their forces very quickly.

I hope this helps!
I forgot about gattling cannons destroying SCUDs. I'll try that out.
My previous attempt involved destroying everything but the supply stash and money hacking it but it ran out really fast. I tried to assault with overlords, but then the SCUDs + buggies + terrorists came to destroy my ovies and inferno cannons (I tried to clear a path so Lotus could capture the SCUD storm)
According to TvTropes:

In Command & Conquer Generals, the last scenario of the Chinese campaign gives the enemy a superweapon that will screw you over every five minutes. Turns out, it won't fire if you have less than $5000. But of course this fact isn't mentioned in your briefing or anything.
Even worse, $5000 is the exact amount needed to build your superweapon, which was just unlocked in the mission prior. This does not mean you can not ever use the superweapon, since if you rush up the tech tree and start building as many nukes as you possibly can, then you'll be fine as long as you do not have $5000 when then enemy's superweapon is ready to fire.

How true that is remains to be seen...

Oh, it is true. You get fucked in the ass when you get $5000 by scuds.
I gave up because there was no way for me to hold out. Terrorists, bomb trucks, scuds, all bullshit. You let your guard slip for one second, you either get screwed by GLA forces or your money goes to $5000 and then, your defenses turn into toxic sludge.
Read my tips, they worked for me. Didn't take too long. Yes, that SCUD will fire. Doesn't matter if you're prepared.
There's always the option of installing one of those mods and take advantage of the OP units within them...

This one is ok-ish, though only because there aren't many mods for the original Gen.
Well yeah of course I could always make an OP unit, change the damage of an overlord or it's armor to 1000000, edit the map to give me a nuke instantly or something, but I want to get through it legit, no bullshit attached.

I just thought of a new idea anyways - Gattling overlords! Once I reinstall it, those GLA bastards will get what's coming to them...
Well then, also don't forget some propaganda overlords to heal your overlord herds...
Well, yeah, that's a must. Nuke cannons too, so I can give the GLA a taste of their own artillery medicine crush8.gif

What's that link? Well it's the mission, and is fully compatible and functional with Shockwave. I think I had an easier run, but it was probably the Hack Vans. Level 3 Artillery was available right away (can't remember if so in the actual mission) so all I did to kill the SCUD was to stay below 5k and wait for the arty to cool down again. RPD Rebels in Overlords were very helpful. Flame Turrets were actually kinda nice against the Angry Mobs.
its kinda odd to revive this but i manage to beat this mission on hard

keep on your cash low gain many hackers as you can also :v

solution on that scud storm Arty Barrage 2x til destroyed total of more than 11 minutes to destroy when you had it go save cash and buy nukes
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