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Full Version: We're Back in Bussines.
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Hello everyone and welcome back!

As it turns out our awesome server technicians managed to get everything up and running slightly sooner than originaly anticipated smile.gif
We did initialy see a few minor errors on the forum which have been fixed before we decided to put everything back up online and running.

There is still a slight chance some things might not be working entirely as intended (even tho we check everything we might still have missed something) so if you notice anything not working as intended feel free to post it here or in the Comment Box Forum.

The Hunter on behalf of the SWR Administration.
Saweet! Did anything change?
QUOTE (InsurgentCell @ 16 Jun 2014, 0:18) *
Saweet! Did anything change?

Other than the fact that we moved to a new server not realy smile.gif
I'm glad SWR Forum is back.
swr foruk is back, good and now finaly forum is work fast for me smile.gif
QUOTE (Mr.Kim @ 15 Jun 2014, 18:22) *
I'm glad SWR Forum is back.

We all are
I can finally login now, yay.
Break out the champagne!
ohh yeah im back too ^ ^
I am waiting for the Shockwave Fan Patch. smile.gif
Svea Rike
Yee-haw! Well, that ain't much for celebrations, is it? As glad as I am to see the forum I recognize most back online it still doesn't feel like that big of a deal. It was down a couple of days, yeah so what? You were cowering in a cave those days, arms around your legs sobbing? Nonetheless, Hunter and the people assisted him did a good job.
HMS Warspite
HOORAY! 8ani5.gif mani8.gif
It's great to see it working again. smile.gif
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