Greetings everybody, my name is Graion Dilach - as many of the regulars already got used to it mindfuck.gif - and I welcome everybody in the Attacque Supérior mod's forum. You can follow the mod's updates here, #blameGraion to see stuff getting broken or simply ask anything you would about the mod.

I'll try my best to bring regular updates, although it'll definitely take some effort to reach the standard of the other projects here.

On a more serious note, I have already written an FAQ here which should clear your imminent doubts. Please note that I am really absent-minded lately incase I forgot a common question from said FAQ. I'll probably also mirror this FAQ in the site at a later point - just giving it time beforehand to see if I indeed covered most questions.

Yea, I'm really bad at PR. I am greatly honored to be in the SWR-hosted group, though - it's great to be blessed with all these epic emoticons. serious.gif