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Full Version: Two Manticores
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It's not that I'm bitchin' 'bout it, because this happens not so often, I guess, but I played an ECA(me) vs ECA vs Russia match and the ECA AIs' Pandora decrewed my Manticore. It had a little bit more of health. I made another Manticore and went to the old one. I put a Felin in a decrewed Manticore, so I got two of 'em now. But, the nuked one doesn't have nano-bots. I suppose they're just a visual effect, and not seeing them doesn't mean it's not self-repairing, but since I'm not sure, I posted this. I still don't use any of the test-builds, so if this is already addressed, just remove or lock this.
I think it's considered a kinda-feature to be able to get multiple Manticores with weaker healing in addition to the "real deal". Personally I'm not fond of it but it's certainly useful.
And not just that, but it seemed that those two Manticores are made of glass, compared to when there's only one. A couple of Tigers knocked one right a pretty fast. Maybe it's just me, but when there's two of them, it's not just that the healing is less effective, but it seems like they have less HP.
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