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Full Version: Any way to play Russia and ECA in Shockwave?
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I'm playing Shockwave and ROTR with my friends these days. (found out these mods recently, and they are so cool.)

but there are many sync problems with ROTR... so we usually play Shockwave. (shockwave is also with sync problems, but its much less than ROTR.)

I love all the new features in shockwave, and in ROTR too.

So is there any way that I can play with Russia and ECA in Shockwave mod? It would be GLORIOUS.

Wish there's some patch or something for it..
More than glorious. I'm not good at modding, but afaik, there's a limit of 15 factions in ZH. Since there are 15 factions in ShW, there is no viable way to add them there. And even if there was a way, RotR uses some new mechanics (Recycler being one of them), which aren't present in ShW. Maybe, just maybe, it could be possible to add some ShW factions to RotR, (at least 'til 2.0 is released), but I highly doubt anyone would do that, 'cause it would be a real, time-consuming mess, full of bugs.
Why do people want to mix their drinks so much? Dont they know its toxic if you dont know what your doing?

Anyways it is "possible" and the 15 limit should be for the AI's itself so if you want a braindead faction I guess it could work out- If you exclude the fact that sage has a limited number of damagetypes and altering them would be nessary to balence the game, Otherwise expect something like say a quad tank to either solo a few AT turrets or even worse.

This would be a neigh impossible to do and even so a NIGHTMARE to balence.Yes spooky scary quad tanks bring shivers down my blackhawks spine....

Nobody would really bother with this beacuse the mindset and way both mods work are just too diffrent.Learn to enjoy each mod for itself, GLA In rotr is alot more mobile.
Its understanding of stealth is not putting camonetting on every structure it has and thinking its safe, same can be said with SHW USA and its fireport vees or ZH style lazerlock to either being impossible to implement or impossble to balence fairly.Same can be said about Salvage general wining tank battles agaisnt someone with Overlord unlocks....That just doesnt seem right.

The idea may seem more appealing on first glance but when you put it down on paper, putting the possiblities in play both enginewise and how it could be fun for everyone in a balenced way you see how much of a trainwreck of an idea this is.

But If you stayed along to actually read all this and endure, well I'll tell you the good news:
Comade M.P. one of Aleksanders most loyal ShockTroopers has some toys you can enjoy thats been ported from Shockwave.Oh another thing is the gap of quality for the graphics of the units, when put side by side with ROTR stuff whos made by the same people sure but more experianced now it kinda clashes.

my lifetime dreams are lost.
yeah it is possible as eca replaces usa lazer general and russia replaces usa superweapon general, but as bruce said it would be a nightmare to do

though i would quite like to try and take on the shw generals with eca
Taking this opportunity, I have also had this idea some time before. could maybe mix Shockwave with ROTR generals. Something like 25 generals: 5 china, 5 gla, 5 USA, 5 russian , 5 ECA. That would be Sensational! or if it can not because it can be the limit of 15 generals, could be three of each: 3 china, 3 usa, 3 gla , 3 ECA and 3 Russian generals ...
What would be the most appropriate name for this merger: ROTWave? ShockOTR? Leave your opinion!
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