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Full Version: Hotkeys mismatch
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Hi guys,

I played a little bit with the hotkeys in shw.
The plan was to make it exactly like it was in ZH.
Now I encounter an issue.

Hitting W which was always my war fac and battlemaster hotkey it now does "select across the map"

Now I see the following in the hotkeys:
"General, hotkeys are a great way to enhance your control of your forces. ''E'' will select all of the same unit types on the view screen. If you tap ''E'' twice quickly it will select all the same type across the entire battlefield. ''Q'' will select all your combat units on the map. ''W'' will select all your air units on the map. Give them a try, they'll help you out"

Can I edit this hotkey somehow?
Nope, those are hardcoded... as far as I know.
Fixed it with the help of Hunter.

I have the German version for ZH, that's what causes the issue.
Now I have a CommandMap.ini inside C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\Command & Conquer Generäle Stunde Null\Data\INI.

Key = KEY_O (set from W to O)
Transition = DOWN
Modifiers = NONE
UseableIn = GAME
Category = SELECTION
Description = GUI:SelectAllAircraftDescription
DisplayName = GUI:SelectAllAircraft

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