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Hi everyone,

I spent the last month creating a new tool for ZH modders. It's a FX & ParticleSystem editor.
It's basically the Generals particle engine completely re-created in Java. It uses Java3D for rendering so the performance might not be all that great, but chances are if your FX makes it lag it has too many particles anyway ;-) (Exception: Streak particles are kinda slow at the moment)

I wrote up a documentation which is included in the archive:

I'll keep this tool updated at this dropbox location:

Or grab the file here:

Alternate download link (outdated):

NOTE: If you have a 32bit system, you need to add the contents (4 dll files) of this archive in the ParticleEditor folder (overwrite 1 existing dll)


If you're interested in the source code, let me know.
If you've ever looked at the OFS codes, you'll know what to expect ;-)

-Install JAVA and make sure it's set up properly (1.7 is required)
-Extract this archive wherever you want. No install required
-Run the .bat file to launch the program
-Go to Settings->Preferences in the menu bar at the top to Configure your File Paths.
-Read the documentation for more information

Now have fun, create some nice effects and let me know about bugs and feature requests
I saw you putting a lot of effort in making this tool. I must say you've done a brilliant job. It certainly will help modders. smile.gif
That is something amazing, and you deserve full commendations for your efforts
Graion Dilach
Ah, you also need to install Java3D for this. I'd mention that in the readme, took me some googling to find out why it crashed on me on first launch.

EDIT: it asks for a j3dcore-ogl-chk library. O_o

EDIT2: Got it working with the windows-i586 build, amd64 seems to only have a single file and missing three others.

EDIT3: An angle setup by using text fields would be really nice besides the right-click settings.
QUOTE (Graion Dilach @ 19 Feb 2017, 13:50) *
Ah, you also need to install Java3D for this. I'd mention that in the readme, took me some googling to find out why it crashed on me on first launch.

EDIT: it asks for a j3dcore-ogl-chk library. O_o

Hm, I thought the supplied dll is enough. I'll look into it


I guess I added the 64bit dll only. I'll update the files once I get confirmation that this does the trick


You need Java3D 32 bit dlls for a 32bit system:
Add these 4 dll files to the ParticleEditor folder (overwrite the 64bit dll)
Looks sexy :v

I might try recreating the particle editor in c#/c++ as I've used java past few years and I'm sick of it :V

Great job on it again. Should help easily debug particles without the need to start the game and screw around with it.

Does it produce OPTIMIZED non laggin ParticleSystem.ini? XD
Graion Dilach
@Stalker: I was testing that on a 64bit system. My Java could be strict-32bit however though. The program really looks good however.
10/10 managed to make infinitely lasting rainbow puke in +- 5 minutes.
Your application looks good too Stalker, more advanced them mine, feel myself a rookie now..tongue.gif
Graion Dilach
I am sad that my request for camera settings went overlooked however... with that, this could even be a generic modder tool and not strictly limited to Generals. sad.gif
I'm afraid the project is pretty much on hold right now.

My free time has been rather limited the last few months and I realised that I'd rather put development time into my mod instead.

Sadly there are still a lot of bugs left and missing features that I'd love to add.
It sucks that I can't really finish this right now, but I just can't justify spending any more time on this at the moment.

The code is on github, but tbh it's kind of a mess.

EDIT: I added a few bugfixes a few weeks ago. Gonna update the dropbox.
All i Can Say is Great Job cool.gif laugh.gif
Great work Stalker! Once all major bugs will get squashed I can easily see your program as the standard for creating particles
Thanks. Nice to see you here.

I'm not sure there are many people left who create particles though happy.gif
Well I hope that new means to ease the work will breathe new air in the modding community lungs, surely it picked up my interest ^^
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