I think this pretty much covers it - here's my take in no particular order:


vUSA vs Laser General - vUSA has only missile-based anti-air (and artillery) meaning a fleet of Laser Commanches with PDL upgrade is pretty much immune to anything that vUSA can throw at him - this makes for a very one-sided matchup.

Tank General vs Super Weapon General - His lack of artillery means that a single EMP patriot silo can keep an entire fleet of heavy tanks at bay.

Air Force General vs Salvage General - Deathstrike's SA-12 AA defenses and Gadflys are ridiculously good at downing his aircraft - in fact they nullify the hypersonic ability of Aurora bombers since the delay in the missile firing means it doesn't hit until after the plane has gone out of hypersonic mode.

Stealth General vs Tank General - All Kwai needs to do is build Emperor Overlords upgraded with Stealth-detecting Gattling Cannons and Kassad is mince-meat.

Stealth General vs Armor General - Similar to above though not as extreme - a fleet of super-heavy Mammoth tanks supported by Vulcan tanks with Stealth Drones is pretty much enough to take out anything Kassad can throw at you

Infantry General vs Toxin General - Kind of a no-brainer - having toxins in nearly all of his weaponry gives Thrax a huge edge over Fai

Air Force General vs Special Weapon General - Leang also has some of the best anti-air defenses in the game, giving Granger very few options here.

Armor General vs Demolition General - Ironside is so slow that Juhziz's BDRM-1s and wreak havoc on anything that comes out of the War Factory - and with no helicopter support he'll have to rely strictly on Black Widows or Howitzers to counter a fleet of BDRM-1s - not to mention that his lack of Avengers leave him very vulnerable to TOPOL-M annihilation.