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Full Version: anyone want to teach a noob
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hey who ever is reading this i am new to the cnc seres (except red alert 2) and i found shockwave and wondering if anyone can teach me to not be a noob
You're going to have to be more specific.

Are you playing against AI? online? What faction are you playing? What factions are you struggling against?

Are you looking for build orders? What unit compositions you should use? Etc.
QUOTE (IntoTheRain @ 30 Oct 2014, 2:36) *
You're going to have to be more specific.

Are you playing against AI? online? What faction are you playing? What factions are you struggling against?

Are you looking for build orders? What unit compositions you should use? Etc.

Mostly online but i will play against ai im going to say 70% online 30%offline

the factions im struggleing with is since im playing shockwave demolition is giving me the most trouble,im playing as ironside and i would like to know both build orders and units
what AI difficulty are you playing against? and what general are you playing against / fighting?
Quick and Dirty:

Armor is mostly Bradley spam. Although they are supposed to have a large number of highly specialized units, the Bradley does everything well while being decently tough and being fast.

The default map for competitive is Tournament Desert. Personally I hate it, but the rest of the community likes it so you better get used to it. Most online games are played on maps with 2 starting supply docks, so that's the build order I'm going to give you. On maps with only one starting supply, adjust your build accordingly.

1) Buy a Dozer from CC. Send first Dozer to build a power plant.
2) Once the second dozer finishes, sell your CC. (If you went with the Spy Drone Gen. Power, make sure you place it before selling)
3) Once the power plant is done, have both dozers construct Supply Centers. Buy an extra worker for each supply center.
4) Once the Supply Centers are done, have the dozers each construct a Warfactory near the Supply Center they created.
5) From here you can begin spamming Bradleys. Somewhere between 2-6 Bradleys, you will want to get a Striker and the TOW missile upgrade depending on what your opponent is doing.
6) How you advance from here is up to you. You will want your Radar Dome at some point. You will want to rebuild your CC after you hit Gen lvl 3 for the 1 clicks. Strat center will give you its free powers and strong upgrades. You will want to expand once, maybe twice if they try to turtle. Adjust based on the situation.

1) Keep your Dozers safe. You can't build more until you rebuild your Command Center. That being said, the game isn't over if you lose them.
2) Get comfortable using all of your location shortcuts, control groups, and right click scrolling. Generals is about playing half the game without your Radar.
3) Spy Drone is probably the safest Gen-Power if you are new. The extra intel is handy, and you can move the drone around in Shockwave.
4) Bradley/Striker is fast for how tough it is. Work your way around your enemies perimeter. Move around defenses and get into his backfield.

Outside of that its mostly about learning how the various factions play with each other.
here's my advice! go to hamachi or the skype group ask Xattus or Ulater for GLA, Bruce or Megazord for USA, Shadowhunter for ECA ,Dutchygamer for CHINA , Knjaz or Strikecore or Me for RUSSIA for replays. its not much of an advice but if you want to learn it does the trick!
its Shockwave forum section mindfuck.gif

watch some good replays, even vanilla ZH ones, u can learn something from them
Demolition vs armor, is a little trick, specially for the cheap units and explosive surprises. First vs the AI. The AI like use democycles, and the modular defenses take a time for build, make infantry for initial support their defenses. Once have build the war factory, build Bradleys. If the map have oil derricks near to you, try to capture. For general point, i choice Howitzer, your need artillery for stop the incoming tanks what the AI send. Armor not have attack choopers, use Black widows for take down Topols, but keep one eye for antiair. Never attack if your attack group not have detector, and try to keep distance. Build secundary economy first, it take more time, but the AI only send wave from vehicles and infantry, and this gave the general points. Attack the economy or the production, and the computer begin to slowly fall.
Vs the human player if different, the attacks not are continued, and you need know what it next. Spy drone is a must, but if the game is with high recourses, better is Howitzer. The units from ironside are tough, but more specialist, one unit support and defend another that attack the respective enemy unit for cause more damage. Bradley is good for rapid attack to initial economy, and too for defense vs. terrorists attacks. Adapt their tactics, remember keep the distance and use detectors in at last two vehicles. Not is sure have victory all time, but save your replays from their defeats, you can see what cause the fail or what strategy was use in the game.
Bruce or Megazord for USA

Awwww, thanks. Even if I played on Hamachi for like two weeks. Waiting for the though, still playing on LAN.

Some general tips from me (PvP):
- Learn the shortcuts! 'U' is supply, 'B' is barracks, 'R' is power plant - the quicker you start, the better will you perform;
- PPM and mouse move is the best way to move around the map;
- 'Space' gets you to the nearest event;
- Always have some aircraft on a shortcut and flying over your base so they can act quickly;
- Buid barracks first and immediately buy two Rangers/Red Guards/Rebels and upgrade to capture building. Rush for the derricks!
- If you have lost a battle for a derrick, better immediately destroy it;
- Use scouts to scan the battlefield and send invisible units near your oponent's base to know what is he doing;
- Destroy his derricks and focus on crippling his economy (send some fast units to his supplies and destroy them);
- Try to destroy his Strategy Center/Propaganda Center/Palace to prevent him from buying better units (remember that those building take some time to build);
- Strategy Center/Propaganda/Palace are best to build in the front of your base and act like a support for your units - what's even more ironic, it's the safest place for them, because your oponent will most likely attack you from the flank;
- If the game is long and you need to defend yourself, don't create a wall of defenses around your base, but rather build them around your most important buildings - they'll be harder to avoid;
- ALWAYS have a Hero unit and ALWAYS try to piss your oponent off with it;
most players are on Gameranger =>

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