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Full Version: Pro tip : How to counter RockVees
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Greetings Generals
From my experience by watching replays or playing with shockwave players i have found most of them even those who are considered the best like bruce suffer vs rockvees
One thing you should know, rockvees is not an OP unit like some might think. in zero hour you see USA player only build rockvees. thats not because rockvees are OP, no its because everything else sucks.
And here i will show you how to play vs Rockvees in Shockwave and not like zero hour. in shockwave you have even more ways to counter but i will just tell you the basics and most effective way to destroy them
Some basics you should learn about playing vs usa
1. Usa is very week at start your best chance yo win vs usa is at early game
2. humvee criticals mass. if your opponent has more than 5 rockvees and if he keeps his production even if you are holding mid there is a big chance for you to lose
4. search and destroy ... if he has search and destroy and you don't have ecms, migs or buggies its over for you

As GLAv, Demo
1. You must play very aggressive, gla can't defend Humvees when vees reach a critical mass
2. Technicals is they keyword. you need a lot of technicals and rpgs. humvees are very vulnerable to rpg troops. load rpgs you ger from spamming tunnels and go to his base though you Must have a very very good micro with technicals and you need that vit 1 GP
3. Don't make a mistake and go for a second arms dealer, or a third supply, you need to tech fast and get your buggies. buggies is death to Humvees and if your opponent is good with vees you know like he unloads his rpgs just before the humvee get destroyed you need your jarmen. otherwise you don't need him
4. Don't do much quads. quads would die to humvees instantly even if your opponents vee micro isn't very good
As gla stealth
bikes own humvees so no need to even try hard with gla stealth vs usa
As toxin
toxin technicals sucks so you need to tech fast and get your buggies and spam a lot of agressive tunnels meanwhile
As salvage
Most people say salvage is OP. yes it is but not vs USA's, it sucks balls. if your opponent is good with vees you are dead.

As Chinav
1. If you are a noob the best way to start vs usa is double warfactory, but if you are better than your opponent you can go for 1 warfactory and 1 barracks
2. You don't have to be as agressive as gla but you must rush his chinooks with gats and troop crawlers to keep him busy
3. Make a lot of rocker infantry, and you need vit 1 GP for red guards i have never seen anyone makes troop crawlers vs usa in shockwave but damn they are very helpfull, and take a not that vit 1 for red guards also effect rpgs. they will also be built as vit 1
4. Either ecms or migs. and you must get one of those before he gets his search and destroy, also you should be able to get them before he gets his search and destroy if you were harassing his chinooks well and you would be able to camp mid meanwhile and go for extra supplies, lotus, etc...
5. and yea by the way don't go for an early oil cap with bullfrogs, its a suicide vs a good usa
As Nuke
1 Warfactory 1 barracks, tech fast and get devastators or ecms with gats, i would prefer to tech fast and get that nuke overlord gat and ecm compo with lotus for a double oil cap instead of devastators
As Inf
Inf is OP vs all usa, just start with 1 warfactory and 1 barracks from the warfactory spam outposts and from the barracks spam tank hunters and mini gunners to put them in the outpost. GG the game is over in less than 10 mins
As special weapons
1 warfactory and 1 airfield. i have seen it in one of uber micro's videos what i noticed later is that special weapons migs start with black napalm upgrade so yea it makes sense to start with that build order but still i think 1 warfactory and 1 barracks are better because i think special weapons rpgs are stronger but i am not sure
As tank
double warfactory and spam gats. rush his chinooks and go for extra supplies in mid meanwhile and don't ever try to make migs

these are what i think the best thing to do vs rockvees. though your win percentage depends on your opponents humvee micro after all
and always remember humvees suck if you know how to counter them

For those who play ZH, and also in Shockwave- hilarious way to counter rocketvee's as China nuke.

Rush their fuggin arse with battlemasters and use the collateral nuclear explosion to suicide-kill the bastard humvee's. Big investment lost for that humvee spammer, and due to the fact the Nuke General's tanks are automatically faster they can actually catch up and get close enough to said before dying. So even if they don't get to fire many shots, the resulting explosion can murder them. Having fast striking aircraft can do a number on them as well.

If anything, while rocketvee's can be effective, they aren't as much a meta as they once were in ZH. You have a lot more powerful stuff to counter stuff like that you can produce, such as the GLA tank destroyer (the one you can camo net) or various artillery which if guarded can wipe the floor with light units like that.

And if you have humvee's coming in trying to knock down your workers, demo traps near your supplies always are nifty, and for China- mines and even observation outposts loaded with tank hunters can do the trick.

And the US, firebases are your friend. Especially when behind buildings and loaded with rocket troops.
yea that thing works better on gla but not vs rockvees because they're explosion area is not wide enough, they're tanks after all so they die to rockets faster than gats, the explosion also hurts your own tanks, and they don't shoot chinooks
if he keeps an eye on his rockvees he won't lose any of them though 2 of them at start would be very helpfull but spamming them is not a good option
demo traps are very very usefull vs rockvees especially because ambulances don't repair so unlike zero hour instead of buying scout drones he will have to buy repair drones so he can't detect demo traps
and about fire bases ... well thats not the best way to play usa mirrors
glaV - produce bikes then buy stealth upgrade in barracks
salvage, mi8 2 or 2+ with rocket pods, use it on humvees group it often surprise oponnent
demo - spamming demo traps will kill some bumvess or atleast slower them down a bit, stealth detect range is small so demotrap if spotted too late will be deadly (even with scout drone)
Killing rockvees with Tao's tactical-nuke MiGs is a very satisfying feeling. But I don't really contend online; just watching lots of replays. Oh and I think Alexander's mortar humvies could have an advantage vs normal ones. Ironside's drone-tanks come to mind as well, could be good for ambushes?
I'm doubtful of usefulness of those gla mobile anti-tank guns, while they could snipe those vees gloriously, they would require lots of set-up time..
HE Inferno cannons, upgraded nuke migs and those phoenix bombers come to mind as some of the best for the job, though they aren't really an option early in the game. boom8.gif
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