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Full Version: Poll : changes for tournament stage 2
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since the better players only remained, and they are very close in skills i think random vs random sucks, because random vs random will be like a coin flip due to the massive imbalances in shockwave
and once i started the tournament i thought TD noobs only will join but then again i saw many good players, experienced players. so i think changing that boring TD map will only make the tournament more fun. however i can't change anything if the players doesn't want to. that is why i made this poll
TeH MasTeReR
I'd recommend matchups over random as fairer, because many of the matchups are too imbalanced (ex. GLA vs Laser, Tank vs Super Weapons, etc). If a player's allowed to choose their side then their loss can only be chalked up to bad choice, but imposing random factions on the players makes luck too much of a role in who wins or loses.

If you're worried about factions like Laser or Salvage getting overused, then you can impose a limit on the number of times certain factions can be chosen.

Also TD isn't actually a perfectly balance map, one side has slightly more base room to build on and is slightly closer to their oil derrick - I'd recommend a selection of available maps.
Squak I advise you to give a chance to those who have not played, play their matches until Sunday April 12th!
Please think about. Spl need to play vs uber micro and zarz yet. There is still much game ahead especially in group A!
group A played all of thier matches Allready smile.gif
the deadline is over. the bracket and other stuff will be ready tomorrow
everyine in group C players were disqualified because 0 games were played
and the best players from the rest of the groups were set to advance to the next stage
it will be interesting

new bracket and everything will be ready tomorrow
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