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Full Version: tournament stage 2 (quarters)
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Hello Ladies. Stage 2 is Here. be careful because this time if you lose you will lose it all
This stage will be harder, only the best of players remained, the rules have changed
its no longer TD random vs random. its battle to death in big maps, big armies, and bigger strategies.
the new rules :
1st game on Twilight flame then the loser picks one of these maps :
Wasteland warlords
Barren badlands
Melting snow
Homeland rocks
Forgotten forest

Matchups :
1st game Armor mirror on twilight flame
2nd game Laser vs Stealth
3rd game Stealth vs Laser
4th game Inf mirror
5th game GLA vs Nuke
6th game Nuke vs GLA
7th game Air mirror on twilight flame

the bracket :
Deadline : 17th of april
TeH MasTeReR
zarz i will own you
Damn, the bracket is fucked up. it wasn't supposed to be like that
oh well, play your games anyway
Squak, these are the maps in which you refer?

Twilight Flame (ZH) ?
Wasteland warlords (ZH) ?
Barren badlands (SHW) or (ZH) ?
Melting snow ZH v2 Relax Maps ?
Lagoon ZH v2 Relax Maps ?
Homeland rocks ZH v3 Relax Maps ?
Forgotten forest (SHW) or (ZH) ?
According to that Squak said, the maps will be these:

Twilight Flame (ZH)
Wasteland Warlords (ZH)
Barren Badlands (ZH)
Melting Snow ZH v2 Relax Maps
Lagoon ZH v2 Relax Maps
Homeland Rocks ZH v3 Relax Maps
Forgotten Forest (ZH)
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