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At last and after a long battles for the 200$ and the ultimate glory, only him stood as a god among sixteen men.
Ladies and gentlemen i represent to you the one and only, our shockwave champion : -UBeR\MiCrO`
A true champion. When all of them played for money, he played to own, he played for his love to shockwave. to not let anyone take the money so another tournament can be hosted with the money prize
And here i will proudly interview him like i promised
Squak : Hi Micro
-UBeR\MiCrO` : hello squak
Squak : Tell us about yourself a bit.
-UBeR\MiCrO`: there is not much to be said, my friends call me joseph, 19 years old, i live in russia. studying in medical university. and everything is going alright.
Squak : How does it feel to be the shockwave champion ?
-UBeR\MiCrO` : it feels great, had lots of fun especially when i kicked spl's ass in quarters after he kicked my ass 4-0 "sweet revenge", but i was sad because you didn't play nullified, the true final should've been me vs you
Squak : Had i played nullified and won, then won the finals i would have got called a hypocrite for putting the money into a tournament then winning it, anyway why didn't you want the money ?
-UBeR\MiCrO` : i don't play for money squak nor for fun, i play to own haha. and i didn't give you the money to spend it on yourself, i gave it to you to make another tournament with it
Squak : I will sure do sir, what do you expect for shockwave 1.2 ?
-UBeR\MiCrO` : but don't do it on swr forums, do it on or on and about 1.2 i think it will suck if no pros helped by giving tips and testing it. and we both know there are no pros in swr testing team. and i am not saying that out from no where, once ago someone called camo tried to make a patch, i was not a pro by then, the patch made the game suck even more, and someonce called mig fighter tried to make a patch as well, he didn't listen so his patch sucked even more.
Squak : True that, same story of zh 1.04 when relax and his mates made it, why don't you want the tournament to ne hosted on swr forums ?
-UBeR\MiCrO` : they are an anti competitive community, pro claimers and liars.
Squak : When i red what you wrote "pro-claimers and liars" a memory came to my mind when someone said that he observed bruce beating me on ROTR XD, damn. who do you like to play vs the most in shockwave ?
-UBeR\MiCrO` : these days no one who can put a good fight is active
Squak : about spl. in the zero hour world series he lost to dustyrhodes, you managed to win them both in shockwave tournament,in zero hour do you think you can do it ?
-UBeR\MiCrO` : i have spammed zero hour much more than shockwave, and i am mainly a zero hour 1v1 player. as you know shockwave is not very different from zero hour, so yes i think i can win them in zero hour but it will be harder.
Squak : How did you find shockwave ?
-UBeR\MiCrO` : about a year and a half ago one of my friends told me about zero hour, so i installed it and we started playing it together on lan, we started trying mods and after like 2 months we thought that we became so good at the game so we started playing it on gameranger (it took us like 1 month to find gameranger after we decided to play it online) so about a year ago i started playing it on gameranger. twilight flame 50k you know, we totally sucked and we didn't like the vanilla zero hour so we started searching for mods and we found about shockwave. i started playing it and we became better at the game until one time i played with wilson 10k TD, it was my first time to play on tournament desert. he totally kicked my ass and i thought he maphacked or something, so i started searching for maphacks , had no luck with finding a maphack, but while searching for a maphack i saw the word "replay" and found about replays. i played with wilson again and when i saw the replay i was totally amazed, when he sold the CC to get money and tunnels on flanks. soon enough i learned the 10k game and i started to look for more competition in zero hour. PS : that friend is desert fox
Squak : WOW, you play too good for someone who only started playing for 1 year. so i understand from your words that you never maphacked ?
-UBeR\MiCrO` : thats a one long story, but to cut it short. i played vs bruce once, desert fox was observing my screen and told me that he is maphacking, at that time i thought that maphacks never existed but when i saw the replays i knew for sure that he was maphacking, so i began searching for a maphack again to make sure if they exist or not and i found it, and trust me. maphack is overpowered X'D
Squak : Trust me. i know better, i think that is enough questions for 1 interview, thank you for your time joseph.
-UBeR\MiCrO` : it was a pleasure to be interviewed by you squak
Squak : The pleasure is mine Sir.
the heart breaking kid tongue.gif our shockwave champion himself

replays in attachments
The interview is gold. Lol Congratulations to Uber and now let me see the replay.
TeH MasTeReR
i knew that u can do it biggrin.gif (y) my Uber mate never lose for noobs biggrin.gifD

Uber 1st (y) (y)
Darkfire Angel
You literally had an interview that does nothing but deride and accuses forum members of cheating and still thought it was a great idea to post it on said forum. Genius.
This interview is so pro that its probably the pro'est thing that ever pro'd the world of pro'ing in the universe of pro.

As far as i'm concerned neither of you are "pro" only a bunch extremely arrogant gamers that played same game for years unable to accept anything that differs from what you are used to (the title of this topic and that entire interview is a good confirmation for all of that).
So yes you could say that we are anti "pro" because every "pro" whoever "pro'd" this forum turned out to be a completely arrogant and disrespectful person and i'v only met 2 people sofar that didn't fit that category.
I couldn't care less if you're the Queen of England or the President of the United States if you start behaving like an arrogant, self centered jerk on this community you get kicked in the shin just as hard as anyone else.
It's also interesting that every time you guys somehow feel the need to show how "pro" you are by challenging people and then if they decline (mostly because any sensible person doesn't want to waste their time with arrogant jerks) you call them "dodgers" huh.gif

And finaly i'd also like to point out that all key decisions for any of the mods we make are made development team or soley by myself and not the testers, but i guess its easier to blame them as a group instead.
Shall we ban the word "pro"?
Yes, Hunter said gold words. Allmost all of these "PRO" are in my blacklist long time ago. Stupid ppl think those game skill should inspire respect for him even if they behave like bastards.
I can't believe this is actually a thing.
It really depends on how you identify a pro, for me a pro is a guy who wins and plays good. That guy won the first ever shockwave tournament, And beated 3 guys Who participated in the zero hour world series 2015, Which is the biggest zero hour tournament. So yea i guess he is a pro (at shockwave) to me. And i won't be really surprised if he and his mate also win the 2v2 tournament.
I don't really know what happened between you guys, I don't know why you hate him and he hates you so much. It's none of my concern and i don't really care, all i did was interviewing him like i promised, No matter who would have won i would have done the interview. I got no hard feelings for anyone, So leave me out of this flame war you are having with him. Please.
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