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Full Version: Stupid questions (?) about in-game weapons
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Hi, if this has been up before I apologise, but when I searched for it nothing of interest came up.

I do appreciate that all the different generals truly have different flavors, but I'm just curious to know these things.

  1. Why does Granger's Colonel Burton have a minigun?
  2. Why does Granger have "advanced" patriot missiles? (Could he not have the regular ones?)
  3. Why is there not more talk of the Chinese helicopter (not the Helix, and I cannot remember the name of it now)? It's awesome! And feels overpowered, but what do I know. It's much better than Leang's Blacksharks, isn't it?

Thanks, that's it. If I have any more I'll post them, too.
1. More effective vs infantry, you need air for take vehicles, but it is good vs light vehicles too.
2. The "advanced missiles" is for defenses more efective, Granger need time for stop every attack if the planes are in soil. Is for the balance perhaps.
3. The Tiger, is a good helicopter, but is a glass cannon what take damage very fast.
The minigun makes him better at everything, though, from what I can see. Not that I'm complaining, but he seems like a beefed up regular Burton.

Patriots: that makes sense.

Just to sum up the Tiger...
  • It has a machine gun that packs a punch
  • It has two fast-firing missiles/shells, albeit with a reload time, that does massive damage. I think three of them at once takes out a Gattling Cannon without one dying
  • It's EMP resistant
  • It's got friggin' air-to-air missiles!

What a beast the Tiger is.
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