Sign Ups:
All players must have skype in their profiles.
-Format: Single Elimination
-Version: Shockwave 1.1 Released Mod ( )
-Starting Cash: $ 10000
-Position: Random ( not select position )
-Games: Final and 3rd Place BO9. Semi-Finals BO7. Other Games BO5
-Army: Random Open
-Gentool: Latest Version (7.2)
-SW Limit: 1 (Limit SW)
-Forbidden: Cheats, Bugs, Maphack, hacks softwares ....
-Games can be played on: Hamachi (Network Name: C&C Generals ZH Mods Password: No) or GameRanger
-Maps: 1st Match You and your opponent agree to choose one of the maps from the list below, loser choose different maps from the list below for next game. Can't play on the same map twice.
Winter Wolf Balanced ZH v1
Forbidden Takover ZH v2
Dust Devil [ZH]
Bounty [SHW]
Kandahar Highlands [SHW]
Scorched Earth ZH v3
Sand Islands v2 a [SHW]
Desert Battle [SHW]
OnzaMap [SHW]
Barren Badlands [SHW]
Sand Serpent [ZH]
Sea Side Mutiny [ZH]