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Full Version: Taunt suggestion for 1.2
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Apologizes if it is kind of a forbidden topic. Probably isn't but just in case.

The whole taunt thing in shockwave is a VERY good touch to it. Well timed taunts at parts in the game are very fun and sometimes you can even have a conversation with the other general using only taunts.

I think it would be very cool if there were taunts that were targeted to more to certain things rather than insults. Such as:

Ironside: Let that oil derrick go, boy! This war ain't about the price of gas you know.

Thrax: See. People do not belong in the air!

Tao: General, if you sell anymore buildings, I will win be default.

Fai: Build your SCUD Storm, it will only hit a few of my men. The rest will DESTROY YOU!
I mentioned this to some of the people I play with and they like the idea.

They even said that you could add an arrow to scroll for the other quotes. Would put a lot more enjoyment into the game as your general could actually comment on what is happening.
This is a small cosmetic addition that could probably be coded inside the game but the arrow thing wouldnt work in a healthy way.Still we coud just put more taunt options on SW's or tech buildings biggrin.gif

Still dont hold your breath this is just me agreeing more content would be fun, not a promise that taunts in all will even get a change.
How would they work on an oil derrick or SW? Also, how wouldn't it be healthy to have a scroll button? Like, how would you use the oil derrick taunt if someone stole it from you? Or is it possible for the taunt to be accessed without owning the building?

I mean, you would just click the Taunt menu and then have an arrow there. Taunts are like an optional thing if the problem is to do with it not being as convenient to get to.

I honestly would much rather have a bunch of quotes that relate to things in game instead of half relating quotes and half taunts.
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